Rumparooz in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong distributor for Kanga Care, WaysBB, recently traveled to two trade shows this May to spread the cloth diaper love around the world!

The first stop on their trip was the Young Entrepreneur Bazaar, at the PMQ Marketplace and Courtyard. This is an expo where approximately 40 like-minded brands come to showcase their products to the public.

WaysBB Kanga Care International Distributor in Hong Kong

The second stop on their trip was the 2015 Babymo Carnival, an Asia-World Expo at the Hong Kong International Airport Region. This expo is a branding and selling show with many play zones as well as competitions and showtime. Parents often bring their children to this expo and let them play while getting to see new products and shop the latest and greatest baby gear coming to Hong Kong.

WaysBB Kanga Care International Distributor in Hong Kong

We look forward to seeing WaysBB take Kanga Care / Rumparooz Cloth Diapers to their next stop at the Hong Kong Conventional Exhibition Centre in Wanchai for the Peegaboo BB Expo 2015!

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