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DIY Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses & Activities

Over the moon! Will you be viewing the solar eclipse in your state August 21st?! View map here to see if it will be crossing your path! Either way, check here for our fun DIY Solar Eclipse Pinterest board with activities for kids of all ages that are fun and easy …

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Clue 3: Kanga Care Discovery

Lets get this crackin’! OH NO! We got a call from Admiral Charlie with the tragic news none of us wanted to hear. The Kanga Care Royal family came to us asking for help but we couldn’t quite tell what was wrong from the messages being brought back. Today it was confirmed, …

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A Memorial Day Picnic!

Maybe you have plans for this Memorial Day Weekend – Maybe you DON’T! Never fear. Kanga Care has you covered! We planned some activities for your littles and a patriotic picnic for you family on our Memorial Day Picnic Pinterest Board! In this special time of remembrance we are sure …

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The Luckiest Activities for Little Leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! We’ve rounded up our favorite activities and treats for you and your little leprechaun! Check out all of our favorite snacks, crafts and style on our St. Patrick’s Day: Little Leprechaun Pinterest board! Many precious moments can be captured with the help of an adorable hat or …

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Unscary Halloween for Toddlers!

Halloween – just 3 days away! We’ve rounded up our favorite foods and activities for you and your wee-pumpkin during the final count down! Check out all our favorite snacks, crafts and costumes on our Halloween for Toddlers Pinterest board! Most families won’t be handing their toddler a Snickers bar of a …

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