The Basics of Babywearing Plus a HUGE Baby Carrier Giveaway!

By Kanga Care Guest Blogger, Michelle Ferguson, of!

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Find The Right Baby Carrier For You And Your Baby

For as long as history tells us, parents from all different parts of the world have worn their babies. Babywearing not only makes life a little easier by making it possible to be handsfree while still keeping baby close, but it is also shown to be good for baby. Babies feel safe and secure when they are worn close to a parent or familiar caretaker. They also tend to be less fussy when worn, which can be a big relief for parents with babies struggling with colic or reflux!

There are many types of carriers and finding the right one for you might involve a bit of trial and error. Here are some basics about the different types of carriers. And don’t miss out on the chance to win one of five carriers we are giving away this week!

Types of Baby Carriers 

Wrap Style Carrier

Stretchy wraps are generally one long piece of material, about 10 feet long, actually! They can be wrapped several different ways and distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders and back. Because they are a bit stretchy, they are not recommended for carrying your child on your back. There are a few well known brands such as Moby Wrap and Boba Wraps. Moby’s are made from a jersey knit material and have a subtle stretch on the bias. Boba wraps are similar, but use a different material which offers significant stretch and support. Wraps usually work for babies from about seven to eight pounds to around 35 pounds. Quite a lot of mothers I know use them mostly for the newborn stage, but they most certainly will work for bigger babies also.

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is similar to a stretchy wrap in that it also uses both shoulders and back to distribute weight evenly. Woven material has much less stretch than knitted material which means it can support more weight. Woven wraps can be worn in front, on the hip and back. They work great for newborns all the way up to large toddlers! Some popular brands of woven wraps are Didymos and Wrapsody.

Ring Sling

A ring sling is a long piece of fabric that is fastened with two large rings. It is quite simple to use as there is no wrapping involved. It distributes the weight across one shoulder and your back. Ring slings can be used with newborns all the way up to 35 pounds. A few brands of ring slings include Comfy Joey and Sakura Bloom.

Mei Tai

A Mei Tai is a rectangular piece of fabric with straps connected on each corner. The ability to tie the straps in any way you like makes it very versatile and makes it easier to find the right fit, carry, and comfort level just for you. The Mei Tai can be worn on your front or back and can carry newborn babies up to 35 pounds. A few brands of Mei Tai include BabyHawk and Mei Tai Baby.

Soft Structured Carrier
A soft structured carrier is similar to a Mei Tai in that it has the rectangular piece of fabric and straps, but instead of tying it on it uses buckles. Soft structured carriers can be used from about seven to eight pounds to 45 pounds for some. The Onya Baby soft structured carrier has been safety tested up to 75 pounds! Some soft structured carries do require an infant insert for newborns and some are built into the carrier. Most soft structured carriers are easy to strap on and adjust for a great fit. They can be worn with baby on your front or your back. Some popular soft structured carrier brands include Onya Baby, Ergo Baby, and Boba. Moby recently released a soft structured carrier, too, called the Moby Go (pictured above)!

Which carrier is right for you? 

There are a lot of different factors that come with deciding which carrier is right for you. Some things to consider include:

  • the age of your child
  • the size of your child 
  • your height and weight
  • who else will be using the carrier
  • where and how you will be using it 

Some people prefer different types of carriers for different situations. Hopefully these next few tips can help you find the right one for you!

Size of Baby
Will you be using it for a newborn, or a toddler? Or is it something you want to be able to use from the time your baby is a newborn until they are a toddler? Stretchy Wraps and ring slings tend to work great for the newborn stage, but not everyone loves them for bigger babies and toddlers. Soft Structured Carriers and Mei Tai’s tend to be loved by parents of bigger babies and toddlers, but not always so much during the newborn stage. A lot of parents like woven wraps for both the newborn stage, and bigger babies and toddlers because they can wrap the baby whichever way is most comfortable for them.

Size of Adult
Baby carriers can be a lot like jeans; not all brands work for all body types. A lot of mothers I’ve spoken with like their soft structured carriers no matter what body type they are. Tall and short alike both said the soft structured carrier worked well for them. It also was easy for their husbands to use because of how easily adjustable it is. Even really tall men can adjust it to fit them comfortably. However, some men with extra broad shoulders might find a soft structured carrier a little snug and might do better with a wrap style carrier. The only complaint I got from some mothers is that when doing a back carry, the front chest buckle is not always the most flattering, especially for those who are bigger in the chest area. The one soft structured carrier that mothers said wasn’t bad about creating the non-flattering chest was the Onya Baby carrier!

A lot of parents, both moms and dads, like wraps as well because they are completely customizable to any body type. As long as you have the right length, you can wrap yourself and your baby around you no matter how big or small you are. These work great for both moms and dads, tall and short, thin or curvy.

The Mei Tai is similar because you can wrap the straps around you how you prefer and so that they fit comfortably around your body type.

Ring slings are usually sized, so make sure you choose the right one, and keep in mind that it might be hard to share babywearing duty unless both parents are roughly the same size.

Where you will be Babywearing
Think about where you will be babywearing most. Will you be using the baby carrier at home so you can get things done or tend to another child with your baby close to you? Will you be using it for trips to the grocery store or shopping at the mall? Or will you be using it for long adventures like hiking or camping?

Some carriers work great for both around the house and out and about, while others are better for long periods of babywearing like hiking or walking. I always preferred my ring sling for both around the house and out grocery shopping or at the mall because it is so easy to get baby in and out. I wore my baby in the ring sling everywhere until he was about five months old. There is no wrapping or buckling involved. So I would just put it on me and get him in and tighten. It took about 30 seconds (after some practice)!

Wraps and Mei Tai’s work great both at home and on the go. The only issue with them is they may take a little bit longer to get on and get baby secured inside. So if you have a fussy baby on your hands or you were standing in a parking lot ready to go in the store, it may take a few minutes to get all wrapped and secured. A lot of moms have learned that it’s easier to put their wrap on at home rather than in a dirty parking lot where the long material may touch the ground for a moment as you get it on! However, wraps do work great for longer periods of time because the weight is distributed evenly on both your shoulders and your back.

Soft Structured Carriers also work great both at home and out and about. They are traditionally a bit bulkier than wraps or a ring sling so I will admit mine usually stays in the car! However, Boba has just come out with their new BobaAir which weighs less than a pound and can be stuffed into its own pocket! When it’s zipped up in its pouch, it’s small enough to fit in any diaper bag or even purse. Perfect for traveling or errands– we can’t wait to give one away! A lot of soft structured carriers have padded shoulder straps so they work great for long periods of time. Most will even work great for trips like hiking or long periods of walking.

The Onya Baby Outback carrier is made specifically for outdoor babywearing. It is made with an air mesh lining which wicks away moisture and will keep both mom and baby cooler. Another perk of the Onya Baby carrier is it can turn into a secure chair for baby! So if you are out hiking and come in for a cool drink you can secure baby into a regular seat! Soft structured carriers work great for cleaning around the house and for long trips outdoors or shopping.

So now you have some basics to babywearing to help you choose the right baby carrier for you and your baby. I do highly recommend you visit a local shop (not all Kanga Care retailers will have carriers!) or join a local babywearing group to try some different carriers on and see which ones you like the best. Whichever type of carrier you choose, know that you are doing a great thing for both you and your baby! Babywearing is great for parents and baby alike!

To help us get the word out about babywearing, three super cool brands: Boba, Moby & Onya Baby, want to give you a carrier!

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229 Responses to The Basics of Babywearing Plus a HUGE Baby Carrier Giveaway!

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve used a Wrapsody Bali Stretch and a Beco Gemini for my munchkin. Now that’s she’s a toddler, they aren’t as comfortable, so I sold them. I really need to have another carrier. The BobaAir, MobyGo or Onya would probably work best for us.

  2. Catherine says:

    I currently have a Moby wrap but I would love to try the Boba Air.

  3. Courtney says:

    I love my Moby wrap for newborns and my Ergo for older!

  4. Copper says:

    we have an ergo and a baby k’tan, and I love them both! I would really like to try a woven wrap at some point! Soft structured carriers are my go-to. They are so easy and versatile! =)

  5. Jessie says:

    I have an ergo that I like. I also have a ring sling, but I could never figure it out fast enough and my son would just scream. It was too stressful in those first few weeks, and I never got back to trying it out again.

  6. Ruth V. says:

    I’ve tried a Moby Wrap, the Moby GO, and an Ergo. I love the softness and closeness that a wrap provides. The soft structured carriers are fantastic for longer periods of time though. I think they’re all great in their own ways and wish every mom could afford to have a variety of options.

  7. Charis's Mum says:

    I have tried carriers from all three companies-my favorite being my Boba 2G.
    {Sarah Jane}

  8. Christi K says:

    I’ve never tried one but they look comfortable and stylish! πŸ™‚

  9. I have used a Moby Wrap, a Balboa Baby sling, and a Baby K’Tan. My favorite is still the Baby K’Tan.

  10. I’ve tried the Moby and I also have an Ergo. I would love to try the Boba Air or the Onya Baby.I would love a ring sling as well!

  11. Ali Otis says:

    I would LOVE to try all of these gorgeous carriers. We have a soft structured carrier, and I would love a wrap for baby #2 due in May.

  12. kia says:

    I have used a Boba Wrap from when it was called a Sleepywrap.

  13. With my first son, I only used the Ergo and a fleece pocket sling that is no longer being made (AWESOME for hip carrying!) But with DS#2, due March 1, I’ll be doing a TON of baby wearing since I’ll have a 25 month-old running around. I have 2 ring slings and 1 Girasol wrap on the way! Can’t wait to add more carrier fluff to the stash!

  14. Amy says:

    I love ring slings, wraps, mei tais, and ssc’s! They’re all fabulous.

  15. Last time I used a Moby wrap and an Ergo. I loved them. This time I’m hoping to add more options, especially a ring sling and a woven wrap.

  16. Allison says:

    Expecting our first in May and would like to try the Moby. Seemed overwhelming but then someone showed us how to put one on and it seemed easy!

  17. I like our SSC but would love to have the Boba Air so I can throw it in my purse on the go. Of course a wrap would be great to try on my youngest.

  18. Carrie C says:

    I have used a Moby, Boba Air, Mei tai, and a Bali Breeze wrap! I love them all! I would love to try a woven and RS…someday! Find one you love and wear your baby!!!!!

  19. I love our Boba wrap but I’d love to try something new like the Boba Air or Onya or a woven wrap since DD is getting bigger. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  20. Sarah E. says:

    I have a ring sling and SSC. I use the ring sling more at home and the SSC when we are out. I would love a stretchy wrap for the baby I’m expecting in April.

  21. MommaMel says:

    I’ve tried the Moby and love it. Even currently have my own. I use it often. I would love to try a soft structured carrier like the Ergo or even a ring sling. Something I can carry my bigger kids as well as my little guy when needed.

  22. I would love to try an Onya carrier!

  23. GreenMama says:

    I have tried and love the normal boba carrier but would love to try a wrap for new baby!

  24. Bekah says:

    I love my ssc, but it too often gets left in the car because of bulk. I’d love to try the Boba Air.

  25. Megan says:

    I have a boba air and love it! I really want to try one of the soft structured carriers with more padding and a boba wrap for the next baby.

  26. Stacey says:

    Our baby is due in a few weeks, but I plan on getting the Boba or Boba air!! Hopefully I can comment on how much I love them soon!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Our first baby is due any day now and I would love to try any of these carriers!

  28. Erin says:

    Our first son is due any day now and I would love to try any of these carriers!

  29. Andrew says:

    As an expectant father who is 6’6″ with broad shoulders, I am very interested in the wraps. The Moby and the Boba are on our list to check out.

  30. KGieng says:

    We have a boba and love it but I need a carrier that will work well for a newborn! Maybe a woven wrap? I have to have a c section so something that wouldnt bother my incesion.

  31. I love my moby! I would love a new carrier to try out!!

  32. Megan G. says:

    I have a couple of carriers but would love to try wraps for toddlers!

  33. Hailie Sue Wolfe says:

    Loved the Moby and Ergo. Would love to try a woven!

  34. Talia says:

    I have a Moby, and while it was great for the first few months, I would like a soft structured carrier to tote my older baby around in.

  35. Joelyn says:

    I used the Moby for my first, but would love to try a Moby for my second because I think it would be nice as he gets bigger.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I cannot imagine parenting without babywearing…it’s a lifesaver!

  37. I have a beautiful ring sling, and I would love to try out the Onya with my little guy. My husband might even be talked into wearing that one!

  38. Karen says:

    I’d love to have another carrier. They all look great>

  39. Kendra says:

    I’ve used wraps, ring slings and soft structured carriers. The Ergo works best for me. I’d love to try a different brand for the wrap. The one I have was just too complicated to put on.

  40. Katie says:

    I have a sleepy wrap (very similar to the moby) that I love using for the first few months, especially for nursing while doing other stuff around the house! I also have a mei tai that I really enjoy using for walks in the summer. I would love to get any of these carriers!

  41. Would love to try a new carrier…My little guy isnt to happy with what we have πŸ™‚

  42. Shanie says:

    We are pregnant with #2 due in April. We didn’t use a carrier with my son and I wish we would have. I hope to be able to try one of them, the Ergo and the Boba have gotten great reviews with all of my friends.

  43. My first wrap was a stretchy wrap and we loved it until my son was around 15lbs. We lost the support we needed. My husband bought me a woven wrap as a baby gift, and I have worn it nearly every day. I would LOVE to have a ring sling or SSC. I feel like my wrap is going to be worn out very soon, hehe! πŸ™‚

  44. Rebecca M. says:

    I have a ring sling but would really love a soft structured carrier and a wrap!

  45. Rachel M. says:

    Onya Baby carrier looks good to me.

  46. We have an Ergo, and I really like it. I don’t like that you need a separate insert for an infant. Too much stuff to carry around. This time I would like to try wrap like the Moby or Boba–I LOVE that print of the Boba!

  47. My friends use the ring style carriers, but I think I would go with a Moby wrap for a newborn and a soft structured carrier for when he is older.

  48. amy says:

    I love wearing my little ones, helps me feel like I am still being productive while cuddling my baby. I have never seen the Onya style carrier that can be used to secure the baby to a chair while out…this could be so helpful for those quick trips with older siblings!

  49. I’ve tried the MOby with smaller baby, but found the Ergo worked better for my big guy! I’d love to try a boba or mei tai!

  50. I have Moby wrap, and a Baby k’tan but my little guy is about to outgrow them and I really want to get a soft structured carrier.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t tried any of the prize carriers. I am very interested in trying the Boba Wrap for my next baby but think the Onya Baby would work best with my toddler.
    Hannah D devriesincome at gmail dot com

  52. Shakeeta W says:

    I’ve tried a Moby and I currently have an Ergo, ring sling, woven, & hybrid woven (GypsyMama Bali Breeze Stretch). I <3 babywearing!

  53. Susan L says:

    I’ve tried the moby, but I think my baby would like the boba.

  54. The Tanner's says:

    We love our Moby but our little guy is getting too big for it!

  55. I havent actually tired any of these but I hopefully will win one and then I can see if I love them like everyone says I will!

  56. I have tried both a wrap and soft structured carrier. I would love to try an Onya

  57. lace says:

    I haven’t tried any of these brands of carriers but I have tried ring slings, woven wrap and a mei tai. I’d love to try the Boba wrap (never tried a soft wrap) or the Onya (haven’t tried a SSC yet)

  58. Janelle says:

    I have a Moby but have been wishing for a soft structured carrier that I can use on my back. My baby is 7 months old and getting a bit to big to wear on my front around the house….kinda hard to work around her! I think that the Onya Baby or the Boba Air would work well for me!

  59. JLJMommy says:

    I have a moby wrap and used it when little man was a newborn, but would like to try a more structured carrier now that he’s older, like to boba air.

  60. Katie C. says:

    I have an Ergo that I love but I’ve been dying to try a woven wrap

  61. KaShara G says:

    I just got a Moby but baby is still small 6lbr..I can’t wait to try it out as I LOVE to wear my babies. I woukd love to try out a soft sided carrier when she is older as well.

  62. Alysa says:

    I have an ergo and like it. Would like a sling or bopa air

  63. bugsyysgub says:

    I have a Boba 3G that I love, but I’ve been dying to try a woven wrap! πŸ™‚

  64. Hannah Horne says:

    I love wrap carriers πŸ™‚ Give a lot more support than traditional ones πŸ™‚

  65. Catherine K. says:

    I want to try the Moby Go. I love the wide criss cross straps.

  66. Carrie says:

    I have not tried these before, but with this one being my 4th I think I might need it!

  67. Heather W. says:

    I have a moby wrap, and a buckle tai carrier. The wrap is better for little babies. All we use is the buckle tai now. I’d love to try a woven wrap though.

  68. Minkemew says:

    I used a Moby when my son was small and then got an Ergo. I could never figure outback carry though. I’m thinking with baby 2 either an Onya or a Beco Gemini. I like how they buckle at my sides!

  69. Rachel Zasik says:

    I have been using the moby wrap with my 7.5 week old and it has been a love hate relationship. It is too much fabric to figure out and it is a nightmare to figure out which wrap/tie method my wee one prefers. I still use the stroller when going to the store because I dread having to tie my moby in the parking lot and getting it all dirty! i want something much faster to put on! I have an ergo and I think it is time to find the infant insert and give that one a go. I very much want an Onya though!

  70. Elle says:

    I have a moby wrap, which was great when my little guy was smaller, but now that he’s getting bigger, I’d feel safer with something a little bit firmer.

  71. Just D says:

    We have a Beco Gemini and a homemade wrap carrier that I’ve used constantly with my first, but I would love to try the Moby with the next little one arriving in April.

  72. Just D says:

    I have a Beco Gemini and a homemade woven wrap that I’ve used constantly with my first, but I’d love to try a Moby or the lightweight Boba air with the new little one arriving in April!

  73. Jackie says:

    I saw the Onya Baby at a baby fair last year. I would love to win one πŸ™‚

  74. Heather says:

    I’d love to try a Moby. I’ve never used any of the above before, but I have owned multiple mei tais, buckle tais, ring slings, and pouches.

  75. Shannon says:

    We have used a Moby and a Boba Air. I much prefer the wrap style, but Charlie is getting big and wants to look around more, so I want something made to go on the back. Our Boba Air isn’t that comfortable for me and hurts my back where it rubs on me, so I want something with more padding.

  76. Jill says:

    With my first baby, I tried the Moby wrap but never could get it as nice and neat and secure-feeling as I see other mommies with it! (also wishing i’d bought almost any other color besides khaki!)

    I loved the ring sling once baby could hold his own head up (all those stories about babies sufficating came out right when he was born a few years ago!) until he got too heavy for one shoulder (for me that was about a year – he’s a big guy!)

    My most favorite after that was the Ergo, which I can still use to this day with my 2.5 yr old, 32+lb toddler, even 8 months pregnant!! It is clunkier to store when not being worn, so it does mostly stay in our car – but I am not wearing the toddler around the house! Only on hikes or in crowds. It is certainly the most ‘manly’ of our three carriers, and preferred by my husband.

    I can’t wait to see which I’ll reach for with baby number two arriving in a few weeks! And I am still very curious about woven wraps!!

  77. Unknown says:

    I would love to try either a woven wrap or the boba air.

  78. Mindy says:

    I have a Moby Wrap. I’m dying to try an Onya!

  79. Thank you for this opportunity! I’ve been wanting to get my own onya carrier!

  80. We love the Moby!! Thanks for this opportunity :)!

  81. Beth R says:

    We have a moby when our lo was a newborn and an ergo for an older child. I would love to give one of these to my sister who is expecting this summer

  82. Erica says:

    I’ve tried every type of carrier except ring sling. My fave is still the Mei Tai I made. But maybe I’m just sentimental. πŸ™‚

  83. Heather M says:

    I have the Boba Wrap and the Boba Air. I love them both. My son is past the wrap stage now.
    I can’t wait to try the Moby Go.
    We use a Boba SSC now!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I only have 1 carrier. my 3 month hates it.. I need to try more =[

  85. The only baby carrier I have tried is a ring sling and that didn’t seem to work for me, but I would love to try the onya πŸ™‚

  86. Pamela B says:

    I loved the closeness of the Moby wrap when my little man was tiny. Now that he’s growing we really need another carrier to continue our babywearing. Boba is on my wishlist.

  87. I LOVE our Girasol and Didymos. I also love our Babyhawk, I honestly couldn’t live without any of them.

  88. Emily says:

    This will be my first carrier, so I am excited to try any of them! Baby arrives in June!

  89. Cara says:

    I used a Moby with my son when he was a newborn and an Ergo as he got older. I have a ring sling, but never really loved it. I would love to try a Mei Tai. The Onya SSC would be on my wish list as well!

  90. Christine says:

    We have a moby (original), but I would LOVE to try any of the others, especially thw new moby GO!

  91. I have a wrap style carrier that I did like using, but would like something that works for a toddler.

  92. we have tried the ergo and moby… both are great and got used for many different reasons

  93. Leia T. says:

    Never tried any carriers. Would love to though!

  94. Rachel D says:

    I tried an ergo a few years ago, I’d like to try a woven.

  95. Brittany Buffalo Bull Tail says:

    I have used a ring sling, wrap, and Mei-Tei. My baby is older now ( almost 15 months) and I really would love to try a SSC. The Onya Outback looks like a great carrier for us!

  96. Michelle Lee says:

    I’ve used a Boba wrap and an Ergo but I’d love to try a woven and a ring sling too.

  97. Christy says:

    I have a Moby and Mei Tai and love both of them. I have used the Moby with two babies one toddler. I love the lightness of the mei tai. Love to try the bobs or onya

  98. I use my woven Girasol EVERYWHERE! And I always get compliments and get asked about it! That thing is a nap machine!

  99. Mei Tei would be the best for us as our toddler is bigger now. We have tried a Moby Wrap but it was just too hot for me during the summer.

  100. the Onya carrier that can be used to secure baby to a chair is awesome! I’ve also been thinking about getting a ring sling…

  101. Krystal says:

    I love my moby! I’d like to try another carrier too…especially the Onya carrier because I’ve heard they are really comfortable!

  102. Anonymous says:

    Love this

  103. Anonymous says:

    I just told my mom today I want to learn to baby carry! But they are so expensive! This would be a perfect opportunity to learn it and LOVE IT!

  104. I have a Moby Wrap (which I LOVE for nursing and for newborns!) and I have an Ergo (I haven’t yet used it with a newborn….but it’s great for toddlers!)
    I think that every stage/age,every baby and every parent can benefit from different carriers…there are SO many that I would just LOVE to try still!

  105. i have a moby and ergo and we love them both! my baby always falls asleep while i wear her. i really want to try a woven or mei tie so i can back carry her.

  106. rebecca says:

    I love the moby for a little squish, once my baby hit 5 months, it was too difficult. I tried the onya and love that! I’d love to win one!

  107. I haven’t tried any of these but would love too!

  108. Katy says:

    We have a mpby and an ergo. I think I would like to try an onya outback.

  109. Ronnie says:

    I have an original moby wrap and I love it I would love to try an onya baby outback because of the ability to use it on a chair.

  110. Katie Fender says:

    I have an Ergo but would love a woven wrap for a newborn!

  111. I have a Boba Air and a Moby Wrap, and I love them both!

  112. ~ Sue says:

    I love the Mei Tai and soft carriers. I want to try a wrap and ring sling. Love my Seven sling, a ring sling seems even better!

  113. MerinSun says:

    I have not yet worn any of these wraps but would love to try!

  114. Rebecca F says:

    I love my Moby for the newborn stage and the Mai Tai once they are bigger and I can do a back carry.

  115. Anonymous says:

    We have a classic Moby, a Boba and a couple slings, the Moby and slings were wonderful at first but my daughter is a super chunk so they don’t feel very secure anymore. We use our Boba daily and love it! I would be thrilled to have an Onya
    Lacey j

  116. I haven’t tried these but I’ve wanted to try the regular Boba.

  117. Jessica K. says:

    I have a Beco that I love but I have really been wanting to try a wrap.

  118. Jbraswell10 says:

    I have tried the Boba wrap, and my son and I love it. He is getting bigger, so I would like to try a soft structure carrier or woven wrap.

  119. Julie says:

    I’ve tried a K’tan and a ring sling, but I’m very interested in trying a soft-structured carrier like the Boba!

  120. I have a Moby and I can’t imagine life without one! I would LOVE to try a MobyGo πŸ™‚

  121. Emily Kuhn says:

    I use a Boba 2G and Boba Air now with my 20 month old, but would love to try the Onya as he gets bigger and the Moby or Boba Wrap with my little one due in June πŸ™‚

  122. Allison O. says:

    I have a Beco Butterfly 2 which I love, and a linen ring sling i made which i use most often. I made a stretchy jersey wrap and baby k’tan style wrap but the jersey i used was too thin and not usable after around 7 months. I would love a Moby Go!

  123. Heather Rehm says:

    I have never tried any of those baby carriers, but I have tried others. I REALLY want to try out the boba or moby strecthy wrap!!

  124. Martha says:

    i have the original moby and an ergo. i loved loved loved my moby but little guy is a little big now. i like my ergo a lot but my favorite was the moby. i’m dying to try the boba air and would love a ring sling!

  125. Jodie says:

    I’ve never used one of your carriers, but I would love to try something really soft and comfy for me (and baby) I have a harder type carrier I received as a gift, it’s nice, but I’m very small and it seems like I can’t wear my babies too long. Something I could use to nurse the baby with would be great too!

  126. CrunchyKatie says:

    A Boba wrap. I have a SSC and love it, but would love a wrap, its more comfy for this mommy!

  127. I haven’t tried my of these wraps, but I would love to! I just got into Babywearing with #2 with a ring sling

  128. Beth R says:

    We love our Moby, but would love to try the onya for an older child.

  129. Love the moby for our baby but used bob a for him when he got older! Ok but not as comfy!

  130. Rachel R says:

    I would love to try the Boba Air.

  131. I’ve tried a moby wrap, great for newborns. I have a baby ktan, which I love. I would love to try any of the structured carriers!

  132. Keara B. says:

    I have a modified wrap carrier (Baby K-tan), but I’d really love to try a soft-structured one with my toddler.

  133. LeettleBaby says:

    I haven’t tried any of these carriers, but would REALLY love to try the Boba Air because I have heard such great things about it πŸ™‚

    Alanna (dot) delbosque (at) mavs (dot) uta (dot) edu

  134. Eva Lepe says:

    I use the moby wrap and I love it, I need to try a boba air!

  135. JenRice says:

    haven’t tried any of those. Onya catches my attention first, since i think i’d like the structure, but love the look of a ring sling or wrap too!

  136. Peppin says:

    I have not tried any of these carriers. I’d like to try the Boba Air because it seems like it would be good for traveling.

  137. Rachel says:

    I haven’t really done any baby wearing but I’d like to try a soft structured carrier and maybe a woven wrap.

  138. Mary says:

    I’ve never tried any of these brands. I’d like to try a woven wrap–I feel like my little guy is too big for a stretchy wrap but too small for the SSC.

  139. We have an ergo, I would love to try the boba air to keep handy in the diaper bag.

  140. I have a ring sling that my mom made for me and I made a mei Tai but I would love to try any one of these carriers. My 5 month old needs that closeness to me on a regular basis so I need something comfortable that’s pretty easy on and off. Thinking maybe the boba air

  141. CrunchyKatie says:

    I have used a wrap, a ring sling, and a SSC. I think for my baby now the wrap and SSC are ideal. I like having the option between the two. I love the stretchy wraps, hate the Moby.

  142. nicole lewis says:

    I used a ring sling when my daughter was small and p tried a soft structured carrier on my back when we went apple picking, loved both would love to more!

  143. Lynn says:

    haven’t tried them (no baby yet), but my best friend is expecting and I’d like to win one for her

  144. I have a Moby and an Ergo. I like the look of the Boba air, and I really want to try a woven wrap.

  145. Elizabeth P. says:

    I have a Beco, and it’s great, but now that my little guy is bigger it doesn’t seem to be wide enough πŸ™ I would love and Onya or a woven wrap.

  146. Beth R says:

    I absolutely love my Moby, but have been wanting to try the Boba Air for traveling. Sometimes it is just hard to carry a full carrier in a diaper in case you might need it

  147. Becky says:

    I’ve tried the moby wrap with my nephew (6 months old) and that was supper comfortable, and he was quite happy. But it was tricky to wrap myself, and too complicated to convince my husband to wear. And really hot for summer hikes.

    I would love to have a soft structured carrier that my husband and I could both use to carry our little one around, especially for long walks and hiking trips. I think the Onya Outback would work great for us:
    – Breathable for hot weather
    – Can be worn on front or on back
    – The straps go in an X or an H,
    – It has a cool, outdoorsy look, that a man would be ok wearing.
    – It also turns into a chair harness.

  148. Krista C. says:

    I made my own wrap carrier out of some slightly stretchy fabric I had. It worked great for quite a while, but now that my baby is 14 months old, it doesn’t work as well. I have back and neck problems so I’m looking for a carrier that distributes the weight well, along with being comfy for baby. I plan on having more so I need a versatile one. I think a boba air or onya would be best for me.

  149. KIACI30 says:

    I’d love the Boba or Onya carrier. I think it would work best for my back.

  150. Lisa Fox says:

    I’ve tried the Moby wrap. It worked fairly well for the newborn stage. Right now, I use my ring sling or Beco Gemini. My SIL has a Boba that she likes…they wished that they had it when their first was a newborn! I’d like to try a woven wrap sometime or maybe a mei tai. Out of these, maybe the Boba Air. It would be nice to have an SSC that was a little more compact for travel.

  151. Michele I. says:

    I have used the Moby wrap, but I’d love to try a woven wrap.

  152. naomi c says:

    I would love to try the onya carrier

  153. Laidibirds says:

    I’ve used a padded ring style, as well as a Moby. Still looking for something a little easier on my back, I have scoliosis, and so far all carriers hurt. πŸ™ But I’m determined to keep trying! I LOVE wearing my babies!

  154. ~Kelly says:

    I haven’t tried any but I would love to.

  155. Melissa says:

    I have a Pikkolo and an Ergo (both SSCs) but I’d love to try a wrap with my next NB — the Boba Wrap in Ocean is so pretty!

  156. Ashley B. says:

    We are using a Sakura Bloom for my 6 weeker and love it so far! Looking forward to trying other positions once she has more head control.

  157. Julie says:

    I have a couple of wraps and carriers, the Boba 3G is my favorite. Would love to try the Boba Air since my boy is getting bigger and we are on the go a lot.

  158. Melissa says:

    I’ve tried a regular Moby wrap, which I do like! My baby would always fall asleep instantly. πŸ™‚ I’d really like to try a soft structured carrier or a woven wrap!

    huntermb3 at gmail dot com

  159. Megan says:

    I’ve been dying to try an Onya!!! We had a Hug-a-Bub (similar to Moby) but just doesn’t suit my wiggly, large son all that well (he’s four months and 17 lbs). Thanks for the chance!!!! My toes and fingers are crossed, as we’ve been looking for a better solution.

  160. I have a Manduca ssc and I absolutely love it. I’ve also tried a wrap, ring sling and a babyhawk mei tei

  161. Beth Ann says:

    I haven’t, but I would love to try!

  162. Mattie says:

    I have a Boba Air and a Boba wrap but while it is so cold in Nebraska I’m not using either too much. Hopefully in the spring and summer I’ll get to wear my son more!

  163. Margo says:

    I love ergo carriers and baby k’tans, but I would love to try the boba carriers and the new moby style!

  164. Mel Sawyer says:

    Currently, I love my Mei Tei and my Beco! I would love to try one of these carriers though!

  165. Stacy Privett says:

    I have several & love them all – I’d really love another Wrap or Boba – If I win something I already have I’ll be donating it to our local babywearing lending library so other mamas can try it out πŸ™‚

  166. Bethany W says:

    I have not tried a carrier yet, but would love to try the Moby with my baby due in May!

  167. Sarah says:

    We have a k’tan, ring sling, ergo, and mei tei. My daughter seems to be very picky and only likes our ring sling now. I really want to try a boba out and see if that is more comfortable than the ergo (which we didn’t like).

  168. Erin Terrell says:

    We started with a Bjorn, but it hurt my back and shoulders after 10 minutes. Then I bought an Ergo and I love it! For the next baby I’d like to try a Moby Wrap, ring sling, or woven wrap.

  169. Stacey W. says:

    I love to babywear!

  170. stina978 says:

    I have a soft carrier that I used with my first two kiddos, 9 and 7 years ago, for my third kiddo I hand made a moby (wrap) style carrier, but she didn’t like it. I am hoping with #4 to be able to use something, I still have the wrap style and a new sling style carrier, but I think my soft carrier from 9 years is shot.

  171. Green Mama says:

    We have an older Moby that was great when our little one was small and an ergo. We are expecting baby #2 and I love the Onya carriers, I really would love one.

  172. Anonymous says:

    I have a wrap carrier that I made myself. I love it, but would also love to have a mei tei or a soft structured carrier.
    Julianne Wiebe

  173. I have an Ergo and a Moby. I loved the Moby when my LO was little, but now we take the Ergo everywhere!

  174. Bobbie says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! πŸ˜€

  175. Jodie T. says:

    We LOVED our Moby..but have HUGE babies and had to switch over to a carrier by 5 months. I’m not ashamed to say I cant afford an Ergo so I bought a knockoff. The Onya looks like it would be the perfect carrier!

  176. Bobbie says:

    We have a Moby and an ergo but I havent tried the others.. have been eyeing them for some time now though! I think every carrier will work for us I use the two we have for different reasons.

  177. Anonymous says:

    Loved the Moby

  178. I generally use a RS or a woven wrap to carry baby, but I would love a soft structured carrier for my husband to use. Wraps confuse him lol. I also love how the onya carrier can double as a high chair.

  179. Nicki Mutter says:

    I love the Boba Carrier and the wrap…have used both and LOVE them!

  180. Leslie says:

    i would love to try a SSC

  181. Haven’t tried any of them yet!

  182. aperry says:

    I have used Ergo and Moby. Would love to try onya, beco , boba

  183. Ali P says:

    I’m lucky enough to have won a few different soft structured carriers. I think I will really like them when my baby gets older for going out and about. I would love to try a stretchy wrap with my first baby coming in just a couple months!
    Alessandra Peterson

  184. Katie says:

    I’ve used the Moby/Boba wrap, a ring sling, and a soft structured carrier. And I love them all for different reasons!! I loved the wraps when my son was a newborn. I love the ring sling for quick trips into stores and running errands because it’s easy to get him in and out. And I love our structured carrier for longer trips to the store, walks, etc.

  185. Courtney1229 says:

    Haven’t tried any of these but would love to try a moby go for my toddler who hates the stoller.

  186. I love wearing my baby! We have a Beco BB2. I would love to try some other options!

  187. Love my Moby wrap when my son was younger, and even as a 20 month old, our Ergo comes everywhere with us! We’re traveling to Europe in March and I would LOVE to have a Boba Air to bring with us!

  188. Katie S says:

    I’ve tried the Boba Wrap (but I have the little bit older version, the “Sleepy Wrap”) and I’ve tried the Ergobaby carrier. I liked the wrap carrier for my newborn but now that my baby is 6 1/2 months I think he prefers not being wrapped so tightly. We went shopping a few weeks ago and he was in the Ergobaby carrier for several hours without fussing. He seemed very content! I feel like he’s still a little small for the Ergo, though. Like his face barely reaches above the top of the carrier. I’d love to try a Mei Tai or a woven wrap! And the Boba Air would be awesome to keep in my diaper bag or stroller basket! I also have a little sister expecting her first baby so it would be awesome to be able to gift some of these carriers to her! Thanks!

  189. Mollie R. says:

    I have an Ergo and I just got a Boba 3G for my birthday! I would love to try a Boba Air or a woven wrap!

  190. I haven`t use them, but I think ergo carriers are most comfortable.

  191. sarah atchison says:

    i have a boba that i love for my toddlers who are both around 35lbs. i’d love to have another so that they could both be worn so we can all go hiking together!

  192. Tania says:

    Looking to get a carrier as I’m expecting in the next few days

  193. i love moby for small babies and mei tai style for larger!

  194. I love our Moby for small babies and we have a Boba that we really like for when they’re a little older. I’ve tried a mei tai and liked it okay, would LOVE to try a woven wrap though!

  195. Danielle L. says:

    I would love to try the moby wrap!

  196. I haven’t tried any of these types of carriers. I have a peanut sling and it hurts my back.

  197. Ishy says:

    I have a Moby and an Ergo and I have a Napsack mei tai that I have to return to the lending library of the local chapter of Baby Wearing International. *sob* I love that thing!

  198. Anonymous says:

    I’ve used the Moby and K’Tan. They were nice, but I think a backpack style carrier is easier to use.

  199. I have tried the Boba Wrap and use it to wear my baby while I play piano at church. She’s getting too big for it now though. I’d love to try the Boba Air for this and for quick trips in the store! πŸ˜€

  200. Keri says:

    I have a woven wrap that I really like, but I would love to try an Onya Baby Outback carrier!

  201. I’d love a boba, and I’ve heard great things about them but haven’t had the money to buy one.

  202. We have both a Moby Wrap and a Boba. The Moby Wrap was great for when the baby was young. But I love the Boba because it is so quick to put on!

  203. Lindsey D. says:

    I haven’t tried any of these, but I have a regular Boba that I absolutely love

  204. Beth R says:

    I have a moby and love it, but I let my sister borrow it and it is ripped and definitely need a new one before the baby comes. I also have been wanting to try the Boba Air. I love that you can take it everywhere and it is so lightweight and easy to travel with

  205. Jenni Jones says:

    I haven’t tried any of these, but would love each and every one of them, for different reasons! I’m due any day now, well, 4 days ago and I also have a 22 month old… Being able to wear the baby and nurse, or wear both kids, or even wearing the toddler to get some extra time together would be a HUGE blessing!

  206. Mary-Catherine W says:

    I have used a Moby and would love love love to try a Boba!

  207. I have a Boba that I enjoyed using with my first child once he was a big bigger–over six months–but I’m expecting baby number two and want something I can use from birth forward. This blog post was very informative, and I would love to win a carrier!

  208. jennafish says:

    i would love a woven wrap. a sling. or a becco

  209. Tara Sutton says:

    I used a Moby-style wrap that I made and a Mei-tei style made by a WAHM. I really preferred the Mei Tei but I would love to try a woven wrap or another style of SSC

  210. angela says:

    I loved the Moby wrap for my little one but didn’t like how long it took to get on. I would love to try the Boba. But I will say that the picture with the mom wearing the ring sling really makes me want to try a ring sling again! It just looks so stinkin’ cute- I love it. I did not have success with a ring sling in the past (I just couldn’t get the fit right) but I would give it another chance if I had someone to show me how to use it correctly.

  211. Samantha W. says:

    I have a ring sling but would love to try a wrap carrier!

  212. Monica says:

    I LOVE babywearing and so far my stash includes an SBP ring sling, 2 maya ring slings, a wombfruits gauze wrap and an ergo. I would love love love that ocean print Boba… it would match my daugther’s room perfectly.

  213. Charlotte says:

    I’ve tried a Moby, but think an Onya might do better for anything older than young baby for me

  214. Micaela says:

    I haven’t gotten to use any of these before, but I’ve heard lots of great things about the Moby wrap and would love to try one with my baby!

  215. jamiekeller says:

    I would really love to win any of these carriers! I have a mai tei and a ring sling but I would love one for more outdoorsy stuff!!

  216. I have a Moby wrap, but I woud love to try the new Moby Go!

    Lolli S

  217. I have a Beco Gemini and a Boba 3G Organic and love both! Ring sling or WCMT next!

  218. Rachel says:

    I’ve tried the moby, and I have a ring sling, but I would love to try the others!

  219. Diana G says:

    I have a Moby for my first baby due next month. I’d love to try others as well.

  220. We’ve never used a carrier like this, but my husband & I plan to do a lot of hiking with our tweens & our newborn this summer. I think the Onya looks like it would work best for us. I’m rather large, my husband’s rather tall, and it looks like our baby is going to be a big guy (I’m 33 weeks pregnant and he’s already 6 lbs!).

  221. Sarah Hayes says:

    ive never tried any of these carriers cut the ring sling looks awesome

  222. Tammy Karstens says:

    Right now I have an ergo. But, I am thinking with my next baby I really want a ring sling. I like that there is so much more you can do with it!!!

  223. Kristi C. says:

    I have not tried any carrier yet because I am due TODAY and little man hasn’t made his appearance. I have no idea what will work best for me and him but I would love to win one to use with him. Can’t wait for him to get here…literally ANY TIME NOW! πŸ˜€ yay.

    And thanks for the chance to win!

  224. Maria Ivey says:

    We’ve tried a Moby Wrap, Boba 3G, and Ergo Performance. The Moby GO sounds interesting.

  225. lockwk17 says:

    W used a wrap when my son was younger now we are in need of something that can carry a toddler comfortably. I think a soft structured carrier would work best.

  226. Anna says:

    I have an Ergo that I can’t imagine living without, but I would love the chance to try out a Moby wrap!

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